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thats always been my angle.. i have a nice ad banner i post with my add. licensed and insured with experience.. etc.. i keep it simple.. i list my starting price of whatever service i am advertising.. Despite my spelling on here, i make sure to double, triple check my spelling.. lol. I think these days on craigslist people just want cheap. I have had one call for an aeration in the fall from craigslist, the guy just wanted to haggle the price, i held my ground and it ended up being a decent little job. I had to convince him that if joe blow did it for $25.00 and ran the aerator through his house, or went up side a car with it.. do you think joe blow is insured? lol.. Its just hard to stand out when most people on there want cheap.. i still keep an ad up there regularly, because yeah.. any free advertising can't hurt.

Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
Craigslist is a great opportunity to put a huge gap between a professional company and a 5 second '25 dollar full service add'
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