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2012 Exmark Lazer Z S-series underpowered?

I bought a new exmark lazer z s-series this past fall with the 27 hp kohler engine. Just wondering if anyone else that has this mower feels it is under powered or is it just mine. This is my 4th exmark zero turn and I have several hills that I cut and this new mower boggs down when trying to cut up the hills. All my other exmarks had no problem cutting up hills. Even with vac on , if I take off to fast, I notice a considerable decline in the motor sound. What really makes me mad is I caved and bought the more expensive model this time versus the hp models (or e-series now) that I have bought in past that were stripped down. I do have it in the dealer right now and they are taking a look at it, but it sounds like they are not finding anything wrong with it. Hopefully they will decide a solution that will make me happy
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2012 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4x4
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