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Originally Posted by avernon0112 View Post
The motors seem to mostly be ok. It is the wheels break. The axles break. The safety cable breaks. Throttle cable break. We bag and that breaks. Our motors are going for three years. And they are run 6+ hours a day. We started buying the new mowers when the motor wears out on the old ones and swap out the motors.
On the mower I use Ive replace everything at least once, turntable axel bearings front wheels both belts springs and cables. The Subaru engine and the gear box have never been touched. I still use the mower commerically and its over 10 years old

I was going to buy a new one but if they cheapened the gear box it may not be worth it, plus you cant get the Kawasaki anymore, and Robin doest make the eh18 anymore. There fore Im thinking of restoring a mower that was given to me, Im not sure that would be worth it eighter.
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