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Originally Posted by crowecut View Post
Well explained Tizzy. I for one many years ago did not understand octane ratings either. When I would occasionally try high octane fuel in my vehicles with absolutely no noticeable performance gain....I was perplexed. Years later I understand that my vehicles were designed to run on 87 octane and most likely would [I]never[I] benefit from anything higher.

I use 87 in all of my lawn equipment. I have tried 89 in my Red Max trimmer and Husqvarna blower and cant tell any difference.
The differnce is not really in how the equipment performs. Its how long it lasts and how well the carbs and other fuel related components of the engine hold up. A 2 stroke engine will run cleaner and have less carbon build up if used continuously with higher octane gas. The same can be said for 4 stroke engines. The results are also not noticeable in a short amount of time.
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