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Hey fellas,
I'm new to the site, just looking to introduce myself and see about meeting other guys in the Springfield area and see what kind of season we're going to have on our hands this year.
I'm a 2010 graduate from the STCC landscape program with an assocaites degree, and have had a deep passion for landscaping since I started out at age 10 with a push mower bungee-corded to my bicycle going around the neighborhood.
I always did lawn maintenance and general yard work through middle, high school, and STCC...but wasn't sure the business was going to take off. It took until about a year ago to finally pull the trigger with the LLC, and spending all sorts money on equipment. So here we are,

I'm looking to see what's "New and Hot" right now, and what is working for other small companies.

I've done hundreds of hours of research in Soil, Compost, and Compost Tea. I don't really have the customer base for it yet, so I have not purchased any of the equipment.
Has anyone else experimented with compost tea? Any success with selling the product/service to your customers?

What kind of "Green" or "Organic" services is everyone offering?
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