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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
the wife is already shooting down the idea (not that its her decision.. i think..) lol she says she would never text to 90210 or anything for fear she would get charges to her phone. and that got me thinking how many people would think the same thing..

however, i think its a great idea because if you get a few people a week to text in, you can keep sending them stuff during the season, and keep them thinking about you. I'm curious as to How many people have made it onto that list since you started doing that? i'm in a well populated area, so it might be worth it for me.
Right now I sit at 127 people. Only charges from 90210 you will ever see are your normal text message rates. Nothing else. Subscribers can opt out at ANY time by simply replying STOP. It it 100% opt in on the part of the subscriber. I send out 2-4 msgs per month which usually contain an offer and a link to a short video.

If you want to see how it could work for you, just text SHARPLAWNS to 90210...go know you want to just to see what it's about
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