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Originally Posted by Jobber View Post
Well Mr. TurfWerks,

I can't speak for their product but it seams like they have been around for a while and have a good product.

The main difference that I can see if that our software is focused on being amazing at the functions that we do provide and having the easiest user interface out there. This means that we may not have all the bells and whistles, but might just be a better fit for your business.

The main things that I can see that we don't offer 3 features that they do; customer portal, estimating, and GPS turn by turn voice navigation. We have found that the last 2 are features that are not a huge priority for our customers.
However, a customer portal is something that is definitely on our road map for the future. This is where the customer can sign in and see their billing history, etc. Of course, we have all this info managed for you in Jobber and you can pull up and send them what they need to see at any time. Right now though, we don't offer this directly to your end customer.

Obviously, the difference in price is a bit of a shocker and is detailed above. It really boils down to what you need for your own individual business.

Hope that helps!

Hey Jeff. I'm a quickbooks pro user & I'm looking for a mobil app for my android phone. The 2 key things I need are: A. the ability to record a customer payment on the run,so the customer's account gets credited. And B. Logging in the days field work in an easy streamlined fasion that eliminates the old pen and daily log sheet. I can't decide if I should upgrade to Q B pro plus. Q B mobil. Or get your Jobber app.
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