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Originally Posted by CNYScapes View Post
Create, in advance, email and letter templates and effortlessly use them to communicate with your clients and leads

Create marketing emails and letters
Track all communication with your prospects
Know key statistics about your leads, conversion ratios, how they found you, etc.
Time Clock - clock in and out from a terminal at your office or from their mobile device

These statements above I copied and pasted from there list of features. Are you saying you cant do these things?

yes you can do this but it has limitation.
yes you can create as many email templates as you want. no limits.
it is a basic marketing. there words as page title.
it is no where close to constant contact or others.
you can send emails to one person, no substituting names in emails
you need to input all incoming contact from the clients. the only thing that gets put in for me is lead that request info from my site.
yes it tracks leads, estimates won and lost, and new clients.
you need to ask people how they found you and input the info
what stats do you want to know about leads?
time clock function sucks and is not good
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