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only being able to use it on the one computer is the only bad thing about gopher for me, i got a good online backup system in place, but i feel like its still a hassle. I'm stuck with that for a while and i don't mind. I rather this for now, rather then pay a monthly price for something. I ran the demo for jobber for a bit, and it looked neat.. just different.. I like gopher for the chem app records.. that aspect of gopher has been very helpful.. looks like jobber has a plug-in for that now.

$29.00 a month, i dunno.. i think i still rather not have that payment.. lol.

Originally Posted by HPI_Savage25 View Post
Ok so I have the "Basic" version of Gopher. I am kind of looking for something a bit different. The problem I have with Gopher is that it is a Database and is set to one computer. If my computer crashes I lose all of that information. Yes I can do back ups and such but that is just more work and even back ups can fail.

I like that Jobber is web based. I like that I can access it with my iphone out in the field.

I like the reports on Gopher a lot more but I could be missing something? I just find that Gopher can run a lot more detailed reports such as finances and income and such. I like how it can break it into graphs with it broken down such as lawn care, pressure washing, mulch installs, pinestraw, etc. Any sight of this coming to Jobber?

I would also like to see expenses and I have talked to Jeff and he said it is coming soon! So far I am in the trail but I do like it. I just need to make sure it is worth the $29/month as it is a lot more expensive that what I am using now.
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