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I don't know your business size but the problem I've found with the high end is the demand. Many of my high end people are so demanding. They want you there 24 7 and don't dare send your crew or you'll get screamed at for not personally showing up. I have little bit of everything with about 60% coming from commercial work. I have the elderly, the people I started with when I was 18, the big commercials, the sub work, the high end , the mid end. I find you have to have a system figure out what works for you and your bottom line and adjust accordingly. I have some clients that we just take care of the landscaping, no mowing, no ferting. One of the ones I have is more money a year than some of my mid end clients. About 80% of my weekly cuts, we do mulch, clean ups and fert. That's the only way to go. But weekly, weeding? Oh, that's the worst.
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