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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
only being able to use it on the one computer is the only bad thing about gopher for me, i got a good online backup system in place, but i feel like its still a hassle. I'm stuck with that for a while and i don't mind. I rather this for now, rather then pay a monthly price for something. I ran the demo for jobber for a bit, and it looked neat.. just different.. I like gopher for the chem app records.. that aspect of gopher has been very helpful.. looks like jobber has a plug-in for that now.

$29.00 a month, i dunno.. i think i still rather not have that payment.. lol.
I've been on the fence about getting jobber or upgrading my Quickbooks to the online version. Bottom line for is it has to fit my needs and has to be accessable on the go.
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