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From a durability standpoint, most LED lamps stack up much better than their halogen counterparts. Unlike tungsten filaments, LED lamps are not as affected by vibrations (i have heard of halogen lamps going bad and being more prone to breakage from being kept in trucks.) That being said, all things are not created equal. Our miniature lamps for instance, are mounted to an aluminum core, and are much more durable than those that stack PCB with not heat sink. (not to mention the heat dissipation aspect!!)
The most fragile thing in the MR16 lamps is typically the collimators (lenses) and these are generally polycarbonate, so also very resistant to breakage shock or vibration.

In terms of water resistance...again, all things are not created equal, and in a lot of cases, it is caveat emptor. For our lamps, our PAR36 lamps are actually IP68 rated, and are tested under 6ft of water for 24 hours. Now they are not designed for continuous submersion, but suffice it to say, if they get wet, they will be okay.
Our miniature lamps and MR16 lamps are moisture resistant, not water proof. These lamps are not designed to be submerged or in direct contact with water for any length of time, and are not warranted for this. That being said, I am told that all of our lamps installed on a job that was flooded by Sandy still worked afterward. We seal all of our drivers in an epoxy to protect the sensitive electronics from moisture, and all of our PCB boards (the part that holds the actual LED chip) are coated with a conformal coating.

I hope this has helped to answer some of your questions...please feel free to contact us for any further information, or drop by our website for some spec sheets.
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