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I always heard a common phrase around my branch that i never liked.. and it was "if the customer wasn't home, they were giving us $30.00" lol. I really don't know much about what the guys are taking home there now, i just know what i left making and it wasn't much... i used to gross about 1000 a week in the early 90's, routes were tight as a gnats behind... and the old chemlawn prices were really up there.. and i had alot of those on my route.. i'm talking 5k sq. ft. and under for 80 bucks.. it wasn't un-common for guys to come in with $2000 or more in a day back then, or 2 guys in a truck bringing in over 3k just doing residential.. but for me, towards 2004 it got to where they took away our commision and switched to cancellation bonus with chinese overtime.. which was a joke. the sales staff would lie to customers and underprice, there were plenty of bogus sales.. it was a huge joke. i went from taking home 800 a week in the early 90's to just above 400 a week by the time i left in 04... the pay would go down from year to year for me, while the hours I worked to get the rising goals every year would go up.. and the price per lawn went down.. It was a great place to work early in the game, we worked our ass off but we got paid good for it back then.. I don't miss the place, would probally go work at mcdonalds before i went back there..

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Na. I used to make 1000 to 1300 a week and never worked past 1:30 and worked with a guy who was the number one producer in the country and he was always gone by noon.

It can be done without ghosting.
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