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Originally Posted by Monroe74 View Post
I dont want to get into a battle but what your truck costs you comes down to maintenance. Some guys or their employees abuse their truck and maintain as if their just going to the grocery store for milk. Others are over the top and it shows.
In our line of work unless you truly have a medium duty truck i would consider it abuse. But thats me.
Yeah 350's 3500's are rated for such and such but if you truly think about the weight and stopping and going the service industry is tough on trucks. I
I totally agree with your summary of maintenance. That is a priority with us. I also agree that any truck loaded to the hilt in this line of work is getting abused. I would consider that the case as well. My trucks are crew driven and I know they unnecessarily lay into them and do things I'd never do with my personal vehicle. Maybe we've been lucky but standard maintenance has kept us on the road. But these definitely aren't show vehicles and though the power trains are solid, you can tell if you look at the vehicle that it is well used by the interior condition, exterior, etc. Sure they are only 350 3500s but we have had great luck with them, very little downtime, and in response to the original thread, low costs to keep them on the road. The. 6.0 gas engines in my Isuzu NPR HD trucks are holding up very well as well and those are loaded to max gvwr moving materials most days. I hope they last as well as the 350s

Others have good luck with ford and others with dodge. I think if you can find a winning strategy, stick to it. I'm just sharing my experience.
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