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We are putting auto-renew on all our contracts this spring as well. Most of our clients are with us, year after year after year - so it's pretty much just a waste of time to print and send out agreements every year for them to sign. UNLESS there is a price increase or change - then they get a new one to sign with an explanation. The customer can get out of the agreement with a 2 week notice so they really have no reason to complain about it. Plus if they are unhappy it's probably because they are too cheap and aren't a good fit anyways. =D I actually don't think I've had ONE person express concern over the agreement ever....and this is in a very rural area where no one else in the business does it. Just make sure it is written up well, so it addresses concerns of customers and contractor so they don't feel "trapped if they sign". That's my take..=D

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