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Hi 123hotdog. I just went through all kinds of grief with my chainsaw. It is an el-cheapo Poulan that had worked well but sat for at least a year. When I went to try to use it again. It would run briefly then die. It would also not idle well. It was simply not possible to get it to idle slow enough so the chain would not turn. First thing I noticed was that one of the gas lines was badly deteriorated. I replaced it with a better fuel line. You can buy fuel line by the foot in all different kind of sizes here:

After replacing the fuel line things were a bit better, but I knew it was not perfect. I replaced the carburetor. My saw had a zama carb and a new one was only about $20. I expected that would fix it for sure and it did run now for longer periods of time as long as I kept on the gas. It still would not idle correctly even with the new carb! At this point I knew I must've done something wrong. I went through the entire saw again and discovered that 2 fuel lines were backwards! I found this video to be quite useful in figuring out how the lines are supposed to be routed:

Once I reversed the lines, the saw ran and idled just like I remembered. Now the saw idled nice and low and the chain did not spin. I suspect that the original problem was a deteriorated fuel line. I fixed that but hooked the lines up backwards when I did. That most likely caused me to needlessly replace the carb (I am keeping the old one as a spare).

Hope this helps!
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