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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
Forget the stupid Sumagreen already!!! I'm asking now about proper irrigation... the word, "proper" has no real meaning of its own and so I'm asking you what is "proper" irrigation... for about 4 days now...

We really need to revisit this? Proper irrigation is somewhat less than an exact science and you can switch between competing philosophies depending on your needs. Some folks (like me) prefer the deep and infrequent strategy, while others irrigate based on various levels of ET replacement, and several other strategies exist.

But, they all rely on one underlying principle -- make sure that water is not limiting plant function. This isn't that hard.

Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The idea of "conventional" is another fallacy, becuz 1 Size does NOT fit all... So "converntional" and "proper" are generic and meaningless terms, when you are telling people, "HOW" to care for their turf and "WHY" it is better than Sumagreen, compost tea, or chicken poop...

Conventional management is NOT 1 size fits all. Conventional management dictates that you change your specific treatments based on the conditions on your site. No one on this site wants to read a post containing all the one-offs and what-ifs about managing turf on several different soils.

Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
The typical nonsense about proper water and aeration, that doesn't bring into the equation Soil Texture and How we build a structure accordingly, is not proper at all...
The water and aeration talk was spurred on by the link you cited, which mentioned that water and aeration (among others) are the keys to healthy microbial populations -- and they are also the keys to healthy turf.

Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
So for the last time,,,I know that adding microbes to the soils is not a long term solution, however it IS obvious that the micrbes oftentimes mineralize nutrients for the plants, and even provide for them with their dead bodies... that is a natural reality and is no mystery...

Read your own link -- adding microbes is not even a short-term solution -- it doesn't work at all! The microbes involved in OM mineralization are always present in the soil and will thrive when the conditions exist that favor turfgrass growth. Adding a few drops of microbes per square foot makes no difference at all.

Maybe you didn't read your link very well. The word "proper" refers to optimal conditions for growth. Your link explains that the optimal conditions for turf growth and microbe function are the same. If you manage to create helathy turf, you will create healthy microbes. Maybe you read that to mean that if you manage to create healthy microbes, you create healthy turf, but doing that requires the same mowing, watering, pH adjustment, aeration, and fertilizing that you do in conventional turf management.

Again, your link says that the way to get microbes to work for you is to do the things that universities have been telling us for the last 50 years. Is that so hard?
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