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Originally Posted by Sensation Man View Post
Hey Jeff. I'm a quickbooks pro user & I'm looking for a mobil app for my android phone. The 2 key things I need are: A. the ability to record a customer payment on the run,so the customer's account gets credited. And B. Logging in the days field work in an easy streamlined fasion that eliminates the old pen and daily log sheet. I can't decide if I should upgrade to Q B pro plus. Q B mobil. Or get your app.
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Hey SenMan,

To be honest, I'm not really familiar with quickbooks pro and I can't speak to their product very well. Do they have a free upgrade trial of some sort?

I can tell you that those two uses you described are part of our core functions and something we take a lot of pride in doing really well. I'd suggest just running a free trial with Jobber and seeing if that will make your life easier.0

Actually, you said it best here with your next post!

"I've been a Quickbooks pro user for the longest time & I really like it. If all u plan to use it for is the accounts recievable & payable then Q B does the job quite well. However for some more industry specific tools like daily routing and logging in the days work you may want to look into one of those other programs like Jobber."


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