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Originally Posted by a clear difference lawn View Post
In your pics the deck on the mower you bought looks pretty darn stout. What is the difference in the S series deck? You can put whatever tires you want on it for less than $200. If you watch your idle when you engage and disengage, the clutch should last plenty long. I'm guessing the S series still uses transaxles and not separate pumps and wheel motors. I think for 2k in difference you made a great decision. I just don't see that much more value in the S series mower.
Yes it is very stout. On the e series it comes with a series 2 deck(on exmark site and booklet it says that wrong) and the s series has a series 3 or 4 I believe. The difference is the deepness by about one inch with the series 2 being shallower. As far as the clutch there's like a 25 lbs difference so what you said is kind of what I figured. And I cannot remember the models but I want to say the e series pump model has the 2800 and the s series has the 3100 so the s still has separate pumps and motors, just a little more beefed up. And no I couldn't justify it other than looks because if taller wider tires and believe it or not the sales guys talked me out of the s series from day one
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