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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I would say that even going to a husky blower isn't going to cut down the time so much as to make a difference. A 3 hr job isn't going to turn into an 1.5 hr job just by going to the husky so it ain't worth it to me. I still don't get the shoulder harness thing stihls harness is fine for me
I love when guys say something like this... to which I alaway reply let's do the math on that.

Lets say you are using a blower maybe 1 hour a day x 5 days week x 32 weeks (Illinois season) = 160 hours each year.

If you go by CFM or volume of air moved a Stihl BR600 712CFM divided by Husky 580BFS 908CFM = .784 x 160hours = 125.44 hours worked using Husky minus 160 with Stihl = 34.56 hours saved in one year. I dunno about you but I pay myself more than $10 per hour but lets just use ten as a figure you will then save $354.60 per year by using the Husky blower over the Stihl.

That to me seems like money well spent
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