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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
Or what would be really cool is if they would license their luxor control technology to others, like LED lamp manufacturers, so that more fixture options would be available to the Pro installers that have the market into which the luxor system can be sold. You would still be required to purchase Luxor transformers/controllers, but would be able to use all sorts of niche and specialty fixtures with luxor enabled LED lamps inside.

Hopefully some highly placed visionary at Hunter / FX is reading this.
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I agree. making it more open source is the way to go, but they've got to keep it proprietary for a while. I get that. As a designer it would be nice to not be limited to a particular line. I cherry pick from dozens of manufacturers to get the look I want at the pricepoint the customer desires. Narrowing down to one manufacturer severely limits your options.
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