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Originally Posted by seabee24 View Post
Related to the "serious problems"

Where I'm getting aggravated is the lack of testing and functioning, as well as other promises that have been made, and frankly not kept. When I signed up 3 years ago, Jonathan stated the marketing and work flow management would be coming.....still not here.

I was told email would be coming.....still not here

I had asked for GPS integration.....was told not in the I here I might work with the new apps.

So they basically have no marketing?

And what doesn't the email do that you want it to?

And the previews say you can see where and what your crews are doing? No GPS?

So does this mean the software does not do what he says it does?
yes basically no marketing.
yes you can see where the crew is. if they enter arrival time on there phone and have a data connection on the phone. no gps integration.
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