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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
I work mostly solo, and I have to say that a round here I work for $60 an hour. That's mowing, mulching, pruning, pretty much everything. As others have mentioned, keep the overhead low... Buy a trailer, mower, and trimmer, and then just use em and work em. When It comes to estimating, it really comes down to you learning how fast you and your equipment can work. I try and get a dollar a minute from gate drop to gate up. There are obviously exceptions for larger properties, seeing as I don't have to drive around from property to property. Any other questions feel free to ask.
As kind of a "newbie" what would you suggest i do, mow lawns, mulch and edging are the basics that I know i can handle. but what are other things i can do when i start landscaping, and would they follow the basic $60 per hour rule?
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