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Originally Posted by seabee24 View Post
Related to the "serious problems"

Where I'm getting aggravated is the lack of testing and functioning, as well as other promises that have been made, and frankly not kept. When I signed up 3 years ago, Jonathan stated the marketing and work flow management would be coming.....still not here.

I was told email would be coming.....still not here

I had asked for GPS integration.....was told not in the I here I might work with the new apps.

So they basically have no marketing?

And what doesn't the email do that you want it to?

And the previews say you can see where and what your crews are doing? No GPS?

So does this mean the software does not do what he says it does?

In my opion it does 50-60% of what they claim, and it does it well

Marketing - yes it can make out an email form and be sent out to clients--- but to me thats not marketing , my outlook can do that. Try this - what they can not do is track that marketing, see who has opened it, see which ones bounch back, and my personal fav that they dont do is filter the marketing list for people that ARE NOT signed up for a specific example, I might want to market bush trimming to customers that have not already signed up for it....well you cant do that.... you can filter and find the customers that have signed up for bush trimming, but not the oposite way. I made the suggestion that this be updated 18 months ago....yet still not

It does not do email - altho i have not played around too much with the new ticket/notes system, can you send an email to a customer...yes Can you recieve an email from a customer .... NO! so what good does tracking a conversation in the notes system do when all you can see is out going emails. yet not the incoming emails. plus it send out the email thought SAP servers, meaning if you send the email using SAP, it will not appear in my iPad,iPhone, or any of my other 4 computers that i use. it will not sent it though my server so that I have a log of it.

No GPS. I asked for it for the longest time, I finally gave up on it and went to a much better solution anyway. I did talk with SAP and heard a rumor that when and if they create APPs for the phones it may use the gps, but im not holding my breathe.

If you crews punch in and out using a mobil device or phones, and you can see the history of where they have been. however it will not tell you if they stopped off at a gas station, or mowed an additional yard between sites. It also relies on the crew memeber to be honest, and punch in and out of the sites. if he forgets, your data is useless.

The list goes on, and on. recently ipad had an update a few months ago, and they stopped using google maps. ipad has its own system with turn by turn dirrections, which works well. using SAP mobil site, because google isnt installed on iPAD anymore, SAP now pulls up an internet based google maps which truely sucks and the GPS doesnt work. I called about this 3 months ago. Asked them to fix it,...If you watch jonathans most recent videos for the lastest update, he states that the mobil will now pull open the maps that installed on the device......yet still it does not.

I think that SAP is the best thing on the market at the moment. But i think they have a long way to go on keeping promises and getting the system right. I think they need to invest money and get more people working on it.

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