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I actually just called them, once again got voice mail.

I think it does job scheduling really well. I think it does billing 95% good, with minor blips here and there...some of those blips have messed up my A/R but that was a few years ago.

Anthing else besides billing or scheduling i think it does a poor job on. For most small LCO it will work just fine as is. but as you grow (which i am doing rapidly) its missing parts that need to be in there. I find it really hard to belive that jonathan runs a good, large, landscaping company and ouly uses this software. I found 10 errors in 10 mins on the big update. having a good time clock system can not frankly be that difficult. I have an app on my phone that i paid $4.00 that is better. keeping employees time is a big part of being an owner. the snow portion is terrible. might as well look for other software for that. and they really do a poor job of managing contracts. frankly I have paided well over 4-5k with them in 3 years, its time they start bringing more to the table as their promo videos suggest.
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