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Originally Posted by Steiner View Post
I use these pre-made pages for each job. I just keep them in the contractor clipboard, when a estimate rolls in I have this system:

1. Put down basic info, address ect. of call. Fill in schedule to meet on paper. Plug into iphone calendar with alert.

2. Go to estimate, fill in entire sheet while talking to customer. Put into binder of all estimates after scanning into PDF and put into dropbox so it is available to my phone, laptop, etc.

3. If i get the job I then I create a customer data file in evernote with the date, times and work done along with what I charged. I then place the estimate PDF file in the evernote file and I am done.

The beauty of the system is my evernote system. I can type into my phone the customers name and instantly get all the information I ever needed about them. I use my ipad in the field with cell connection to constantly update customer files. I feel like I have the best of both worlds with the paper and then the scanning.

How do people make PDFs like that? What program?
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