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So, you just got done with High School...

I went to college to get my business degree. Graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Marketing. Decided against going after a normal office job and came home to the family business. I'm glad I went and got my degree. It's helped our company grow over the past year by nearly 35 percent. A lot of that was because of some of the new things that I implemented that I learned from classes at school. Now, it wasn't all me, I have an excellent boss and my brother works with us too. But it's nice to have my own side of the business that I can use my degree for. I feel like that gives our company an advantage. For 2013 we are looking to grow by 40-50 percent again.

So, to answer your question, a degree is a great thing and is something you have the rest of your life that no one can take away from you. I'd say he should give college a shot, as long as its affordable. Even if he stays close to home and went to school and did stuff with the business as well, it will help in the long run. Especially if you plan on growing your business on a larger scale one day. Things he would learn in business school could give him an advantage in the future. College is getting extremely expensive, thats the only downside. Hope this helps!
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