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Sand Bed Under Pavers


Within the past month I've had two plans come across my desk where the landscape architect is specifying compacting a 2" sand bed between my tamped base material and the pavers.

I'm used to screeding a 1" sand bed, not compacting a 2" sand bed.

Am I missing something? Does anyone else do 2" compacted sand bed? The plans are from different architects so I just thought maybe I've missed a new standard, recently.

The ICPI website doesn't mention anything, for what that's worth.

BTW, we landscape up in British Columbia, Canada. Maybe the architects are just throwing us a curve ball. The "educated" folk, up here, love to mess with us "commoners" and make us follow new rules when they haven't had a new set to enforce for awhile. But that another rant for another time and place!

Thanks for the time!
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