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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
... My son has been having a hard time deciding what he should be doing after he graduates high school. He says that he want to start a company of his own,but I am always wondering how good of an idea it is. He sure does like to do all the work we do, and I'm not really worried about his work or work ethic, I just don't want him working hard the rest of his life. Maybe you guys could help him out with some pros and cons.

Should he be going to college or jumping right into it? Thanks for the help guys.
lawncare isn't hard work. working in an auto factory is. (i did it for 6 years) he needs to start right away while he's young. this will give him several years to get on his feet. you don't go straight to the top in your first year of business. it takes several years to get things off the ground and running smoothly. this way if he fails he's still young enough to go to college. he should try his own business from 18-25 and see how it goes. if it doesn't work out he can go to college then and have a degree before he's 30. i went to college and had bad jobs and all and just started lawncare at 35. it's much easier to do it the other way around trust me. if i would have started at 18 i'd be a millionaire by now lol.
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