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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Move fast--I am thinking a lot of hydroseeders went belly-up in the last two years due to slow building and the poor ecomomy. There should be used equipment on the market at bargain prices--even if it is bigger than you really need. The need for burn out repair will be much higher this year than ever before.

And learn to do sod cheaper--if you are competing on price and the customer wants to cut corners. If he wants to skip soil prep and be it...charge for each item separately so you can remove the extras and compete with whomever you must compete with.
We are a maintenance company so don't do a lot of sod. I just don't want to lay pallets of sod for $30. Every guy with pick up got a trailer last year due to a huge market for sod replacement and zero scape installs. I don't see any seeders running around.

Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
ive actually been really looking into a hydro seeder to go along with my flood control company to market as flood restoration and repair. also with erosion repair. alot of units out there. i just dont know how big of a unit i want.
You want to give me a hint where I can find some of these units Well after you get yours you can tell me.
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