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Originally Posted by iforgotmybackpack View Post
I was looking into getting the ROPS mount trimmer rack but my only concern is if I can use this mount with the UltraVac system on my Exmark or will the bagging system get in the way of where the trimmer will seat. I contacted Power Chute and they didn't know if it would work with a bagging system. I'm surprised by that since so many LCO's bag the clippings. Anyone using the Power Chute mount with a bagging system? Thanks in advance for any help.
Hey i got one of the ones from Jungle Jims. On mine it woked on the old style lazer and the new next lazer. I took it off as i did'nt use it as much as i thought. On mine you could mount on either side, iwould say it would work just mount it on the left side not the discharge side. Should work fine.. The link shows which one i got...
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