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Rotating Service Areas - Large Scale Landscape Maintenance

Does anyone here with larger landscape maintenance sites rotate the service intervals to different sections of the site, for services such as pruning, edging, weeding, etc?

What I mean by this is, for services other than the regular weekly maint (grass & trash) does anyone (for example) prune all the shrubs in one predetermined section of the property, and then at the next interval (maybe 1-2 weeks later) prune all the shrubs in the next section of property? Another scenario would be edging grass along all the concrete areas. Instead of edging every sidewalk and curb line, every week, you could pick a section of the property and edge that this week, and the other section next week.

My thought behind this is to cut down on the time spent each day and week (not total man hours over the season), at each site, to get the most out of the crew. If it is mapped out, scheduled and timed properly, each section in theory would not out grow the one done before since in reality they are all being done at the same time interval from each other. Of course the first service, for the first section would most likely need to be done earlier than 'really' needed, in order for other sections to not overgrow.

This could be a common practice for many on larger sites, I've never done it this way, but it is just something I've been thinking about. Of course it also depends on the expectation of the client and what they are paying for. But these are not places with flawless landscapes like Disney World or something. Not dumps either, but just average large scale HOAs, many of which are not even irrigated.
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