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Originally Posted by CNYScapes View Post
Ill give my 2 cents-

If his ambition is to run a small business with just himself and a helper or two then i would say go to school. Small businesses like this are just like a job. If hes not there then there is no money coming in.

I never realized this until I was working with just 1 helper and had back problems. If I was not able to continue then the business that I had built up over the last few years would go down the drain and my customers would find someone else to service them. That was a wake up call! I now have up to 11 guys in the peak of summer and dont lift a finger other than a pen and clipboard!

If his ambition is to build up the business so he has several employees doing the work and he can manage the business then I would say go for it. This could take several years to get to this point but you need goals to hit.

Good Luck!
Another thing he needs to take into account... Thanks for the imput
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