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Originally Posted by IRRITECH View Post
I am having a real problem with the chemicals settling out and completely clogging up the machine. Running a mix of Barricade 4L/Simazine and with the barricade alone. I have to run the machine pretty much constantly and even at that it can settle overnight. On another note, are any of you running a WDG through this machine? 200 hrs and already on our second pump.
I use Barricade In my T at a rate of 24 oz per acre

It sets in there all nite all day with no proublem i have never had a cloging problem

Last year i used some WDG threw it with no problem

Putting 24 ozs in 11 gals of water is not a milk shake it's yellow water

What rate are you using

Also the wetting agent that i use says it will help keep herbicides suspended

You will see a little setlment in the morning but for the most part it mixes right back up

I also added extruds to mine to help with mixing

The old style pump had a return line that went back to the sucktion side on the pump which didn't give much adgataion

The new pump has more adgtaion

Charles Cue
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