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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
the amount of money needed for just the booth space, is rediculous here. booth rentals for a 10'x10' starts at $1500. by the time i set up get brochures etc.. i would be in close to $4k. for that much i can send 20k 6"x9" postcards to the exact communities i want to service. to me its not worth it. most home and garden shows cater the DIY Homeowners anyway.
You're right on the pricing. These days my shows are a little more country small town shows but in downtown Detroit or at the big Novi Mi. show it's like you say for 10 x 10.

The thing about home shows is sometimes they are in the semi off season, or early season when mailers are too early.

Most of the real successful green industry home show exhibitors are the landscapers and hardscapers with big ticket items and killer displays.
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