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Originally Posted by ELS Landscape View Post
Do you guys think getting people to like or plus 1 this page will help?
If it's doing anything, I would say it's helping the BBB out. The +1/Shares I see as helping the direct content provider the most, and not down the food chain, although I don't see it as any overall, direct SEO assist. It may tangentially help your social graph, but that's just an educated guess. I still see the +1s being a way to share relevant content with your relevant circle, increasing the...he's going to say it again...relevant profile of the content. Do I ever see "any old +1 click" ever being of directly attributable SEO value? Probably not. Like anything else automatable, it's rife for abuse, which easily allows Google to adjust the dial of their choice and alter the value. I recently saw a figure that said there are an estimated 5 billion +1s/day. That's a lot of apparently relevant content, which I'm sure Google verifies and elevates when the see fit. Again, I see it coming in to play more as a syncing of...relevancy.

Wow, 33 views and only one person clicked on the plus one? Thanks
As for wondering why people aren't clicking to +1 your particular instance, you're playing with two sets of odds. The 52 other people who have now viewed this post, statistically speaking, are not all Google+ users. 17 of them are. Of those, you then have to account for those who are not, shall we say, "fans" of the BBB. Put me in this camp. I'm a Google+ user, had every intention of giving you a +1 as a courtesy, but then I saw that not only was it not directly impacting you, as an article written by you or on your site would, but it was more a supporting click for the BBB. So really, it probably helps your internal BBB social graph/credibility with their visitors (so to speak) more than it likely would your outside-the-BBB-ecosystem. But who knows, maybe Google is using these circuitous paths more than we know or think. Or, some day, they'll crank the dial up a notch, making it more useful next year than today.
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