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Is it rude?

For me to approach a business and ask if I can submit a bid for the 2013 season if they didn't contact me first? I just graduated last spring and want to expand my business as much as I can this summer. If you were in my shoes, how would you go about doing this? All of my current clients have come to me by word of mouth. That is why I am asking. I have the equipment and already have someone hired for next summer if i can grow large enough. I work part-time for a larger landscaping business that I do not compete with, and our work is night and day compared to the guys that I compete with near my home. I feel my work is top of the line, and have received many compliments on what I do.

I want to get several large contracts at several cemeteries, and several businesses that are in town to fill the "gaps" along my route. Would approaching a board member/business owner with a pamphlet made up of references, pictures of the work that I do, a ballpark estimate of the bid, etc. be the first step in the right direction?

Thanks for any help.
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