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Originally Posted by 123hotdog View Post
I have a Husqvarna 142. I bought it new in 2008. Since the day I bought it new, it will not idle for more than a few seconds. It only gets used less than ten times a year. It has only had ethanol free fuel in it and stihl 2 stroke from day one. I found the idle adjustment on it. However, when I turn the idle up the chain wants to turn really fast. I realize it has a chain brake and I know how to use it. My question is, shouldn't it idle with the brake off and the chain not turn or barely turn? Thanks for any help. There are only two shops in my area and I have took things to both shops with bad results. Help????
I have the 141 which is pretty much the same saw.

Other than hard starting when cold it will idle all day long if I let it and not move the chain with the brake off at idle.

It is a poulon but been a good saw for how little I use it.
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