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Originally Posted by Ghopper3345 View Post
They do. I know that there are different size double window envelopes. Not sure of the number I would have to ask my office manager. But we send it in a double with a return envelope for the customer
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Have YOU personally looked at the invoice once it is in the envelope?

Your customer address and your logo/address are on the same line as each other, your old form, the customer address is in the bottom and your return address would have been in the upper left of the envelope. This new one, if you are using a double window envelope with both windows to the left and on top of each other, only your customer information is showing in both windows, so if a piece of mail is undelivered, it has no way to return to you. Unless the form you are mailing is something different than the one on the right in your original post, I do not understand how you are mailing them out with your address and the customer address on the same horizontal line.. how is your postal carrier and the auto sorting machine able to determine which is the "to" address and which is the "from or return" address? I'm not trying to bust your balls or anything, just trying to gain an understanding of how these are being mailed, when every piece of mail on my desk has the return top left and the "to" under it.
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