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Post is good timing. We just started our first home show of the year yesterday and it goes through Sunday.
We started going to home shows last year and ended up going to 3 big ones total plus a local show. We spent about $3500 total just to prepare for the show but they are mostly long term costs. We had a very nice back drop made, flooring and a table cover with a few little things to spruce up our booth. But you can use them year after year.
You should already have phamphlets for your business so that would be no added cost other then the ones you hand out. We also hand out a really nice pen with our name.
Then we either take the box truck or HHR too.
The booth rent for a normal show is $2,000+. But our results were very good enough that we are not missing them this year.
We measure the lawn right there at the show with goilawn and try and land them.
After the show we then visit the lawns we didn't get.
I will post pics this weekend but its pretty nice.
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