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Originally Posted by StockmanLawnscape View Post
We have one of the Toro 30's. It's been a PITA! It does leave a real nice cut for a smaller mower though. We run all toro's, so we are going to try out the new commercial Toro 30" in the spring. Saw one at the dealer and it looked good, but it's all about performance!
I am looking at a Toro or xmark 30" as well. Turned down way too much business last spring with small gated fenced in yards. I hate turning away any new business in neighborhoods I currently service. As a solo operator pushmowing these yards are a time killer. If my Grandstand did not fit through the gate it was a no go. I used to haul around a 36" or 33" mower, but neither one seemed to fit my needs so I sold them off.
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