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He is one of our regular maintenance accounts. I have installed 2 but it was before recession. I think the courses i have had are more than enough to allow me to trouble shoot any problems and or design. Don't patronize if i can build robots and systems with microprocessors I can put a lighting system up lol. The two systems I installed before were not LED. LED systems are new to me and I am just trying to get an idea as to about where I need to start thats all. Like we put lights 25' up and we need a 3 LED 20watt system etc...
looking at a display in a store WILL NOT represent the real thing as far as lights shining and the distance.

A local distrib is working on getting the lighting guys to give a course now that I have brought all this up to him.

I am not as familiar with the NEW LED products and of course everything else is based on it.
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