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nothing wrong with working hard, that's what this country is supposed to based on.....secondly, it's real tough to pick a career right out of school. I am 30 years old and currently working as a school teacher with two degrees, but I also own two different companies. So I have 3 full time jobs, and before I did this, I worked in the construction industry, labor industry, name it, I've done it. My plan A was to become a pilot...I did that but hated flying airplanes, then plan b was college, then plan c was to teach but I ended up on plan Z then came back to plan D just to start a plan A5 and end up at 30 years old on plan my point is that things are gonna change and change often. It's best to get him the skills he can easily transfer to any industry or any type of work. Learning a trade is pretty easy, so is going to school. The best thing to do is teach him how to handle every different situation, how to solve REAL problems and how to adapt. You said he's already got a work ethic and that's great. Make sure to promote him to TRY any of his ideas, even if he fails at it. He WILL be successful if he's willing to work hard and TRY things that others aren't willing to do, like start a landscaping company, or go to college/trade school, or both...The military could also be an option. I was never in but I see the value in learning a skill and discipline from the military. I also thought the Coast Guard sounded like a cool job.
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