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Originally Posted by PR0 TURF View Post
Crider...those are actually Lesco velkes. They treated us pretty good overall for our first season on them. Very few issues for all of the abuse we gave them.

I'll have to forward the kudos to our equipment operator...I'm sure he'll love to hear that!

Glad, to see you had good luck out of your walkbehinds we been running all walks since day one but we keep 2 Z's for leaf cleanup, and lesco sulkey's huh i didnt know they made them? But, we tried the single wheel or double wheeled velky brand that pivots on the tongue and we hated them, i like the safety of the big bull riders b/c the operater never leaves the controls. And how's the snow season been for you guys? Did you guys get any snow out of the big storm that hit Columbus Ohio just north of us, it looked like it was headed north east towards you guys? It gave us around 4 inches or so (wich is more than all last winter lol)
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