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thanks darryl. i hope the gate works well. if not ill exchange it. it gets mounted up quite high and has 4 attatchment points, so should be able to dump with double the clearance of the normal gate. used it for the first time to day. getting the hang of driving a trailer. I am wondering what should i do when i park it? keep it hitched to the truck and put the jack down so that the pressure is not on my truck? Also, the brakes were locking up a bit. Once when i had the brake controller on 4.5V and tires were little muddy and road was wet. I turned it down and didnt hear them skidding anymore. second time i was driving with load and they were skidding. road was wet. i turned down brake controller seemed to help.
I am not sure if my controller is set to high or if its not good, but when i turn it on to anything over 5 the brakes come on real hard- not fast, but slowly get real hard, and when i take my foot of the break the brakes all come off at once and pop. its not smooth at all. im wondering if i should pay $50 more for a controller with a sensor. or if i just need to turn them down. This is with about 3k-4k LB in the trailer with 5v going to brakes.

good luck on the trailer jones68.
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