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Originally Posted by LawnMan19 View Post
Looks like your buddy did a real nice job on the paint, and the graphics look good on it also.
Ya. He really helped me out. There was no way I could afford a professional paint job at a body shop.

Originally Posted by jsslawncare View Post
I use to have a 99' 4x4. Man did it love to drank the fuel! I sometimes wish I still had it.
No kidding. Think this 5.9 gets around 10-12. Running mileage tests right now. I can literally see the gas gauge going down when hauling a bobcat tracked machine. Well its not that bad but some days it feels like it.

Originally Posted by ryan41 View Post
Love the older Dodges! Your truck looks great. I have a 97 1500 5.2l v8. no major problems at all!! I have 166k miles on it. Just had a body shop fix all the rust, took the cap off & will be getting a drop in bed liner in spring.
Your truck looks good! I am going to roll in bed liner one day this winter if I have a spare moment. Don't see that happening though. Crazy busy.

Hopefully this summer I will be purchasing a second truck for a crew to run. I am getting tons of work right now and cannot even imagine what march/april will be like.
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