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You need to adjust the controller for the load you have and the surface conditions. It sounds like you have it up too high. If you're hauling with a load and have them turned up and then dump your load, they often will skid. Likewise if you're traveling on pavement and then go to dirt they'll skid. What I do is manually activate the trailer brakes to adjust them...there should be a button/lever for manual activation. Also when taking off from a stop, give them a second to release before hitting the gas. I usually only run my brakes in the 2.5 to 3.5 range. You just want them to assist the brakes on your truck, not replace them. Some controllers will also have an adjustment for how aggressively they come on, but it sounds like that's ok as they come on gradually for you. My adjustment for that is kind of hidden and the sort of thing you set once.
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