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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Funny, seems only the lower rung of LCO run around here in shorts and or tank tops. All the large companies wear long sleeves even in summer. The mexicans know better than to expose skin. You can't apply pesticides with exposed skin either.
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everyone has there own idea about exposing skin to the sun.

I don't own a single long sleeve shirt, not even for winter.

now granted I live in IN not FL but I've vacationed there. actually considering moving there depending how my winter finishes and how this season goes. but I don't plan on wearing long sleeve shirts if I do move there.

jean and t's for personal wear and the cargo pants I wear now and company t's when at work. assuming that's the uniform for the company I would work for.

even when I use to vacation in cancun I never wore long sleeves or sunscreen.
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