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Hey DVS,

I love your direct approach! Seriously! Although, one time, many moos ago, when I was employed by a landscaper where I did my apprenticeship in the late 1980's, we did this fairly large sod job. Part of it was a 200 ft. long boulevard by about 15 feet wide. After laying the sod I went back to check the job late the next day and some idiots took EVERY piece of sod and laid it over, roots up!

I didn't know whether to be pissed off or impressed! At least they weren't lazy, i guess. At least it was a decent bit of overtime for myself and another guy to fix it. Luckily it hadn't gotten that hot during the day and the turf was fine.

I should start a thread dedicated to stuff like that. I love sharing/hearing "war" stories from the plant landscaper!

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