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Originally Posted by ashs inc View Post
we cut appros 25 lawns a day. nothing huge most are .25 acre. just looking for a better way to collect. chasing 25 checks a day gets expensive
Why not accumulate the work done for the month, send an Invoice at the end of the month that covers all word done during the month, and get one check against that Invoice?

I can't imagine chasing 25 checks per day! No wonder you want a better scheme. Charges for the cc processing services usually include a "per time" charge, plus a percentage of the charge. If you run a charge after every visit, you will generate much expense associated with the "per time" fees. If you wish to do cc payments, then use the service one time per month, with charges for the work done during the month.

I also can't imagine the cc swipes after each service. Very few of my customers are home when I make their property visit. Trying to get their card for a swipe on a Square reader (for example) would seem like a nightmare. Even many of the one-time visit customers are not home -- get a call, "cut my grass," I do the work, but the customer being at home at the time of my visit is very unlikely.

I have had some customers for years, and never laid eyes on them, let alone get physical access to their cc.
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